The AIESEC way

The AIESEC Way is the member's guide that explains what is the purpose of our existence but also the unique way of how the organisation is achieving it. We are going to use a simply tool to explain it for you: the Golden Circle.

In today's context, "Peace" does not mean only avoiding war. Peace can symbolize a world that does not have conflicts that arise from cultural, religious or other aspects of differences in humanity. Peace can also symbolize being in harmony with yourself. AIESEC strives to build a world where people can work towards their own understanding of peace, while respecting and understanding the views of others.


Through “Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential" AIESEC strives for a world where people can be the best version of themselves.


Our how is really simple: through young leadership.


Basically, what do we do to develop leadership is:

- Cross-Cultural Exchanges: AIESEC provides an opportunity for young people to work or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments.

- Team Experiences - AIESEC members work in teams to create and manage these cross-cultural exchange experiences. This provides an opportunity for our members to live powerful team experiences and develop their own leadership potential.