Case Solving process

Main rules: 

  1. If any of XPP or Code of Ethics were violated and it was impossible to come to agreement on LC to LC level, submitt an official complaint to ECB.
  2. You're responsible for raising complaint within 1 month of XPP or Code of Ethics violation, in this situation ECB will automaticaly accept and take into the process the case.
  3. ECB has a right to decide if to take the case into the process or not  when the violation happened more than 1 month ago.

Case solving steps:

  1. The complaining LC or EP shall contact ECB with initial complain by writing an email to ECB of home entity.
  2. Application package must contain LC to LC correspondence where ECB can find that mutually acceptable solution could not be found.
  3. Application package should contain all proof of XPP violations which can include but not limited to: receipts, flight tickets, examples of communication, TN/EP ANs, pictures etc.
  4. Documents attached to the email case must be in English. ECB has the right to request that documents are notary translated.
  5. ECB of counter entity has one week to submit answer to the case and collect the case evidences from it's side.
  6. After gathering the information from both sides ECB will give the solution in one week after receiving an answer from the counter entity.

Please approach ECB case solving manager for consultancies during the process of submitting the complaint and case solving. 

Case flow

Case flow

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Reimbursement Policies and Procedures

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